Digital Biota II
Sue Wilcox illustrates how useful emergent behaviour arises out of complexity and chaos. She is widely known in the US for her journalistic writing on new computer technologies, primarily concerned with 3D and virtual worlds, and for her recent book on 3D Avatar tools. But this apparent focus conceals a plethora of interests: Sue has degrees in Psychology, Computer Science, a diploma in Art and Design, years spent in managing multi-million pound building projects, has published works in areas ranging from Go to jewellry design, and has research interests (books in the pipeline) in the aesthetic development of early man (and woman), narrative structures in virtual worlds, and raku beads. Seeing the trend in all this that marks her as an ALife evangelist demands advanced pattern recognition abilities but surely this audience is up to the task. Sue's reason for being here is to inspire and encourage Alifers to work to extend the possibilities of cyberspace for humans and artificial organisms in the hope of provoking evolution to the step beyond humanity.
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