Digital Biota II
Bruce Damer is a founding director of the Contact Consortium, a Silicon Valley based nonprofit research membership organization dedicated to the development of virtual worlds on the Internet. Mr. Damer initiated the Consortium's Biota project in 1995 to seed 3D cyberspace environments with powerful biological metaphors including generative algorithms, ecosystem controls and evolving forms. Bruce conceived of and hosted the Digital Biota I conference "Digital Burgess". Bruce writes and speaks extensively on the future of cyberspace, and recently published the book "Avatars". He has also served on the faculties of San Francisco State University and Charles University in Prague and is President and CEO of DigitalSpace Corporation. Details of Mr. Damer's work can be found on the web at

Abstract of discussion:
"How and Why is Life Trying to get into Digital Space?"

Cyberspace is now evolving beyond being merely an "interface" (something you just point and click on) to becoming a true "place" (which you enter and inhabit). Hundreds of thousands of people now enter increasingly complex 3D cyber-cityscapes, communicating through digital bodies called "avatars" (visit As the human colonization of cyberspace begins, one might ask, will life follow us into digital space, and why? Human civilization is in fact a collective of coevolving (and extincting) biota and there is no reason to doubt that analogous forms of this biota will find their way into a sufficiently rich cybersoup pot. Digital Biota, freed of the constraints of atomic body mass, will evolve much more rapidly and travel at lightspeed through networks or even beyond out into the solar system. The digital form of life could well become the chrysalis phase of new matter biota spun into atoms through
molecular nanofabrication. And why would life do this? The destruction of the Earth and all that dwell at the bottom of its gravity well is assured once the sun enters old age as a red giant. The best route out of the
hatchery is on wings of light.

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