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Rudy Rucker is an author, mathematician, and computer scientist. He is known for his popular mathematics books "Infinity and the Mind" and "The Fourth Dimension" as well as for his numerous science-fiction novels, including "The Hacker and the Ants" and the cyberpunk classic "Software," now in production as a film by Phoenix Pictures. Rudy is a professor of computer science at San Jose State University. He has worked on a number of commercial software products, including "James Gleick's Chaos" and "Artificial Life Lab." A number of his artificial life, cellular automata, and graphics programs for Windows can be downloaded from his website

Abstract of discussion:
"Science Fiction And Artificial Life

A brief survey of the depiction of robots and man-made biological forms in science fiction, followed by an account of Rucker's own future history for artificial life, as traced through his "The Hacker And The Ants," the four volumes of his "Ware" series, and "Saucer Wisdom."


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